Yesterday’s Day Off: Garden in the Morning, Antiquing in the Afternoon

A summer rainstorm is currently pouring outside as I’m typing up this blog.

And a short blog it will be; I have no long, depressing story or analytical essay today. This is a busy week and I’m keeping it simple.

Yesterday was a day off for me, but I kept myself very preoccupied and I tried to do enjoyable activities. I spent the late morning in my garden – one of my favorite past-times – and I took quite a while shooting pictures, finally getting photos worth posting on something other than Facebook. I even cleaned the mud from our May floods off of Roxanne the fake chicken so she would look presentable.

Production has started with my pole beans and cucumbers. My acorn squash and butternut squash have been blooming for weeks, but I’m getting nothing but male flowers, so fruiting isn’t possible yet. I’m waiting on those squash, my tomatoes, and my watermelon. I even have a couple pumpkin plants growing, and maybe some bell peppers.

Yes, I attempted a lot this year.

I also have my herbs: Dill (for future pickles, I made some really good ones last year), Banana Mint, Sweet Basil, Sage, Rosemary and Lavender (you can’t really see them in the photo), Lemon Verbena, and Oregano. My Spearmint died, unfortunately, and that’s my favorite type of mint too.

I love home-growing vegetables and having fresh herbs, but another one of my biggest dreams is to have a big, beautiful floral garden blossoming in shades of whites, pinks, purples, reds, and yellows. Hopefully I will be seeing a lot more color going on in my present garden in the next couple months. I want to see my sunflowers and Black-Eyed Susans around my scarecrow. It’s about time to get her back up on her watchpost.

After playing paparazzi to my plants, in the afternoon yesterday my sister and I went into Hobby Lobby to take an early look at their fall decor (because it’s FALL decor, duh), and then we checked out a cute little antique shop in midtown called “The Antiquary.” I wanted almost all of the landscape paintings, but I could not afford to buy anything, and I would have absolutely no place to put them. I made due with just taking pictures of it all and playing with a chubby, smoky-colored shop cat.

That was the majority of my day. Not thrilling, but a good day for me – I mean, considering.
I appreciate the times like these. I need what peace I can find.


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