A Sea of Green and Yellow: Mid-July in My Garden

Thank goodness for my flowers, otherwise I’d have very little to show for with my garden this summer.

It remains mostly greenery…greenery with pops of sunshine yellows.
Not much variation – still, I really do love to see my sunflowers and Black Eyed-Susans, and at least they add some more color and interest.
They will look so perfect next to my black and white scarecrow, but I have yet to set her up.
I’m waiting for a cooler day, so perhaps sometime this week when temperatures are supposed to go down and I don’t start to melt being outside longer than five minutes.

It’s not like Glenda’s got much to watch over anyway – my squash plants continue to tease me with their troublemaking all-male blossoms, and everything else is producing very few or nothing at all. 

From my poor, amateaur gardening skills, I’m sure. I can’t afford to do more than plant seeds and roots in my own dirt, water, spray them with homemade concoctions now and then, and hope for the best.

But hey, my yellow flowers are on a roll.

Autumn-looking leaves falling in my garden.

Besides taking several photos of my garden this past week, I’ve been continuously busy working on this website, adding many more pages that I plan to have content on in the near future, AND I’ve got a good collection of recipes started in my seasonal Cookbook section.
I’m particularly excited about the Autumn page, and with fall around the corner (hah, wishful thinking), it might be a fun one to check out for inspiration.

I also started collecting fruit from my dad’s crabapple tree this week.

Everything is still under construction right now, my site is so new and is coming together day by day.
I appreciate the visitors and followers I’ve been getting – that has happened faster than I expected and it’s very encouraging for me.
I feel like I’m on the right track with this blog and site. It’s my new favorite outlet for my emotions and creativity.
It’s giving me the best kind of motivation I can get at this point, and I’m hoping it can eventually lead me to a better place.


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