The 13th: A Peaceful, Magickal Day for the Gaia Oracle

My first three readings with the beautiful “Gaia Oracle” by Toni Carmine Salerno.

Gaia Oracle “Four Card Spread”:

1. Past (Past influences of the situation)

Eternal Love

A new page turned in your life and gave you a period of happiness, harmony, and fulfillment. You felt free of the worry and doubt that had cast a gray shadow over you for some time. 

2. Now (How the situation is affecting you now)


Signifies change and transformation.

3. Future (Possibilities for the future – about six months)

Ocean of Eternal Love

Signifies healing, creativity, and fertility.

The exact and complete description is: 

“It is said that love conquers all; this is especially true for you at this moment. Something is resolved and healed through love. What was previously barren now becomes fertile. A seed is planted and you are the co-creator. The conditions are favorable, the timing is right; a new creation awaits you. The birth of something new brings joy and excitement. The forever changing seasons of eternity turn their invisible wheel and a new cycle begins. A new image is born.”

4. Outcome (Indicates the overall message/lesson; a culmination of everything examined)

Intuitive Communication

“This card confirms that you have a natural psychic ability that can be further developed and expanded. But in order to develop this innate gift, you must pay greater attention to your intuition. This can come in many forms. For example, it can be a gut feeling, an unusual or unexpected thought, or a subtle and silent whisper that seems to flow from your heart. Close your eyes and be aware of all you feel around you. The universe is alive, the Earth and nature are living energies. Whether you know it or not, there is an aspect of you that is in constant communion with all of creation; you are therefore also in constant communication with everyone and everything. All that you need to expand this wonderful ability is within you. Start to listen to your inner voice and learn to trust your vibes and natural instincts. You are about to discover a whole new way of being.”

(My overall thoughts/interpretation: I have to say, this spread and the results I got really stunned me. Coincidentally when I was first shuffling the cards and mentally asking about my situation prior to laying down the spread, I accidentally dropped a card that fell face up – it was Eternal Love. I slid it back into the deck and continued to repeatedly mix up the cards until I felt satisfied. So when Eternal Love was the first card I turned over in my reading, it was pretty mystifying. It’s also extremely appropriate and it does describe how I felt when I was with my ex-boyfriend. It was definitely a new page in my life, and I came to lose all my doubts with his earnest plans of our future together.

For the present – I would like to think I’m going through all of this for a reason and there’s a positive change or transformation coming from it, whether internally or externally. I think I’m evolving as a writer and website creator, and even more as a psychology/emotional and mental health advocate. Trying to develop as a witch. But I’m still the same person with the same heart and always will be, because this is the woman I am.

Speaking of my heart, that brings me to my Future. The Ocean of Eternal Love. It’s strange in the first place that this deck has both an “Eternal Love” and “Ocean of Eternal Love”, but then to have them both in my spread together…such fate. And a dream fate this card foretells; I wish it was the truth. The lines about “being fertile, co-creating with planted seeds, and a birth on the way” is giving me deja vu of my recent tarot reading and my “Son of Cups” baby. I can’t take these things that literally, and of course I won’t, but the amount of synchronicities and repeated “messages” I’ve been receiving truly astound me.

I have seen several times now that I need to trust in my intuitive abilities, listen to my own instincts, and pay attention to what I see. Am I learning a huge lesson in psychic-sense personal growth?)

Gaia Oracle “Relationship Spread”:

1. How the current situation is helpful to you


“The Gaia card is the most powerful card in this deck. It shows that you have a deep spiritual connection to the Earth and a deep spiritual understanding of life. Gaia, the Earth Mother, thanks you for the love and consideration you show towards her and the love you have for all living things. She encourages you to gently and lovingly share your wisdom and knowledge of the Earth with others. Perhaps you may join with like-minded souls to share your message of love or you may choose to do practical things to help the Earth restore her balance and wellbeing. Yet, this is not a call to preach to others. You are a beacon of light – remain that way. Share your knowledge and wisdom only with those that are ready to hear it and do not fear the Earth changes that are taking place, for all is evolving and unfolding as it should. All the Earth needs is a little more love.”

2. How the current situation is a distraction (negative aspect) to you

The Dream

“You will soon break free from a situation that has been causing you concern. Something will be revealed either in a dream or through someone you know and trust. The information you receive will give you insight into something that has remained hidden from you for some time. This will be a big relief for you, as you realize that your concerns and fears were unnecessary and unfounded. All is well that ends well! However, do not forget this episode, for it is a recurring theme with you. The next time you are unsure of something, try to refrain from jumping to conclusions which are not based on fact. Also, pay attention to your dreams; try to remember them as you wake up. With time you will intuitively learn their symbolic language. This message had been floating around in your dream state for some time.”

3. What the current situation is teaching you to love and heal about yourself


Your guiding stars are in harmonious alignment at present. Indicates a time of power, self-confidence, and productivity. A period that will continue for several months. What you learn during this fortunate time will help you greatly in the future. 

4. How the current situation is helpful to the other/him

Moonlight Goddess

Indicates repressed emotions that are kept stored inside. “In order for healing to take place, you must pour out your heart and express how you truly feel. Do this for yourself and for others. Remember, all that you repress not only affects you, it also affects those around you, especially those you love the most. It is safe to acknowledge your feelings, it is alright to cry – just surrender and let it all go. In the coming month, you will reflect on the past, you will give thanks and let go of old hurts and disappointments. Only the loving memories you will keep inside your heart. Then, once the chambers of your heart are yet again full of light, a new season begins – a new journey, a new joy, a new passion.”

5. How the current situation is a distraction (negative aspect) to the other/him

Night Wind

“Something is troubling you, yet you are not openly acknowledging this either to yourself or others. This unresolved issue has created fear and anxiety. Because of this, your subconscious mind is processing the issue as you sleep, the fear resurfacing in your dreams time and time again in various forms and guises. This is your subconscious mind’s way of dealing with the issue; however the only way this issue can be resolved is by consciously facing your fear.”

6. What the current situation is teaching the other to love and heal about himself


Indicates a time of soul-searching, taking back control of one’s self, and a profound transformation taking place. A renewed sense of confidence and ability to move forward with certainty. “Listen to your heart; decide what it is that you truly want. Set your course and then go for it.”

7. Where the relationship/current situation is now


Indicates grief, sadness, and (possible) resurrection.

“This card signifies a loss or disappointment of some kind. Perhaps a hope or dream you had, or a partnership. Yet this card also signifies resurrection, which means that the perceived loss will either not eventuate, or what you lose will be returned to you in a new way or form.”

8. Where the relationship/current situation is going

Eternal Dance

Represents flexibility, the wheel of life, and the path of least resistance.

Be in tune and in rhythm with the way life moves you. Move gracefully with the wind and natural flow of things, but stay grounded and do not sway from your path. “If the path you are on seems to be all uphill, then find another way. There are so many ways to get to where you want to go, so find the way that offers the least resistance. Life does not need to be as difficult as you are making it.”

(My overall thoughts/interpretation: First of all, I want to say that for the descriptions of these cards, I think the term “Current Situation” is more fitting than “Relationship.” The relationship with my ex has been over for almost five months, this is about the present circumstances of the NON-relationship (being apart) and the future concerning it. 

With that being said, this spread, too, produced some amazing results. 

1. It is nice to know that the “most powerful card in the deck” represents me in my present situation. I have been trying to stay strong and push through all the hurt and negative emotions for so long now, and this card description was a beautiful message to get. I didn’t understand its placement in my “Therapy Tarot” reading, but the Ten of Pentacles card gave me a similar recommendation of “providing my wisdom and guidance to those who struggle.” I’m not sure how to go about doing that, but the advice does intrigue me.

2. It is without a doubt that the post-breakup situation has been causing me a tremendous amount of heartache and concern. I already have so many dreams and I can make conclusions of their “symbolic language” fairly easily, as strange as they are. They don’t always make sense, but I have a good idea of the hidden meanings behind them. My emotions and his contradicting behavior explain a lot. But a miracle revelation in a dream would be a gift from heaven. From a person would be even better because then I would know it’s not my own wishful heart tricking me. I haven’t completely trusted the messages floating around in my dream state so far (or, I should say, I felt I could do nothing about them); I’ve seen them and tossed them aside.

What is off about this “Dream” card is the line about “concerns and fears were unnecessary and unfounded” – that’s definitely not the case here. That message would have made a lot more sense for me at the very beginning when I had a panic attack after my first date with my ex. It’s funny, I even described that attack as an “episode” in my Synchronicities blog.

3. I can agree I’ve been very, very productive lately with my blog and website. It’s been the best part of these last five months.

4. and 5. I sincerely believe that my ex does have a lot of unresolved personal issues. Mental. Emotional. Anger. Resentment. Contempt. Feelings of emptiness and an insatiable need to have a purpose in life. I’ve said before that I think his biggest fear is a lost sense of himself and his purpose. I think he gets way too ahead of himself with his ideas and plans and when things go wrong and he can’t achieve his goals, he crashes and burns. And then turns to ice-cold stone.

Besides his Clinical Depression, I’ve also wondered if he could be inherently Bipolar (like his father) or even Borderline, but I’ve just seen a handful of symptoms of each disorder. 

I don’t know what kind of dreams he has, but they’re probably nothing like mine. I can’t imagine what he dreams about and what all goes on in his dark, twisted mind, but I believe the card that says he will be better again when the cold chambers of his heart are filled with light and good, loving memories.

6. “Indicates a time of soul-searching, taking back control of one’s self, and a profound transformation taking place” – this is what I’ve been praying for him. This is is what he desperately needs.

7. It has been such a Loss for me, it’s been close to five months and I’m here asking angels, tarot and oracle cards about my ex-boyfriend. I can’t plan on a “resurrection”, but I won’t forget the moments of sincerity I felt with him and heard in his words.)

8. I feel the Eternal Dance card is another reminder that things meant to be will be and to just let life take you there.) 

Gaia Oracle “Two Ways Spread”:

1. The helpful aspects to choice 1

Ocean of Eternal Love

A repeat:

Signifies healing, creativity, and fertility.

“It is said that love conquers all; this is especially true for you at this moment. Something is resolved and healed through love. What was previously barren now becomes fertile. A seed is planted and you are the co-creator. The conditions are favorable, the timing is right; a new creation awaits you. The birth of something new brings joy and excitement. The forever changing seasons of eternity turn their invisible wheel and a new cycle begins. A new image is born.”

2. The helpful aspects to choice 2

Sacred Heart

Signifies “a deeply-emotional time where you focus on, question and think about the things that matter to you the most. You will find yourself re-evaluating your priorities and core values and this leads you along a path of self-discovery.” 

3. The lesson to understand in choice 1

Rising Above

Represents clarity, freedom, and solution.

Suggests that you see things from a higher perspective. “You cannot do this physically, but you can do it mentally by disconnecting emotionally from the present situation. No matter what the situation is, stop thinking about it. You are currently too close to see things clearly. A simple solution exists. This will become clear to you once you let go. Stop focusing on the situation for a while. Bring your awareness within. Close your eyes. Relax. Meditate. Surrender. Let go. Take a walk in the park. Dance. Have fun. Do whatever it takes to detach from things for a while and the solution will become obvious when the time is right.”

4. The lesson to understand in choice 2

Jewel Within A Teardrop

Almost the same as the Sacred Heart card – “a deeply-emotional time of appreciation and spiritual and emotional reconnection.”

5. The outcome of choice 1


Finding inner peace. 

6. The outcome of choice 2

Purification (Fire)

Looking inside yourself and discovering what your heart truly desires in life. 

(My thoughts/interpretation: This spread is about two different choices, but I only saw one option with this – it was clear that it was Choice 1.
“Choice 2” implies that I need to rethink and re-evaluate my priorities and core values.
My priorities, beliefs, and values are everything to me. I don’t need to figure out what I desire in life, I’ve known for 10+ years. 

I already had a connection to the Ocean of Eternal Love from my first reading, there’s no question of what choice I want to make. I found further resonation with “The lesson to understand.”

Just like the messages telling me to listen to my own intuition, I also have seen for a number of times now the seemingly-opposite advisement to “look at things from a higher perspective.”
Up until this point, I didn’t really understand what that meant.
I couldn’t grasp that a “higher perspective” meant no speculation at all.
So even though I feel my beliefs and perspective of my ex-boyfriend are accurate and justifiable, I am going to try to “disconnect myself from the situation” and try to put my mind at ease.
Turn off my consuming thoughts, or at least lessen them.
I don’t expect it to be easy, and I can’t guarantee I won’t do another Synchronicities blog, because I have been getting some strange ones this month as well, but I will do what I can to heed the divine advice of Gaia. 

I can’t stop the dreams or signs; I can’t unsee the hopeful card readings.
All I can do is take these messages, put them in a special keeping place in my heart, and let my mind focus on other things.)


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