A Look Back: My Past Fall Photography

I’ve been taking a break from writing and working on my website, I had been doing so much lately with blog posts and pages, and I felt I could use a rest from it. But with the (much anticipated) approach of autumn, now is a good time for a little throwback to some of my past fall photography and decor displays. I have taken A LOT of photos over the years, so this is a very measly, nanoscopic amount of my entire collection, but these are definitely several of my top favorite pictures.

I’m looking forward to what shots I’m going to capture this year, and I’m becoming more and more inspired to come up with new displays and photo shoot ideas. My mind is in creative, multi-track Gemini mode and I’ve got enough aesthetic projects brewing to keep myself quite busy.
Fall always gives me a positive boost – I feel most alive in autumn’s glory.

I’m still on my mini hiatus from long writings (and currently dog-sitting for my neighbors), so I hope you all enjoy another gallery/collage post.

Maybe it will inspire your own upcoming photography?


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