September at the Fens

Fall isn’t officially here yet and the weather keeps reminding us of that lovely little fact. But before the 90-degree weather settled in for the day, my sister and I took a little trip this morning to the park by where I work. I call this place “The Fens” because of the marshy pond that makes for serene nature photography. There wasn’t a duck or goose in sight on this occasion, though I’m always more drawn to the plant life anyway – at least for photos. The cattails, the wildflowers, the autumn berries…and I think my favorite shot I got today is the one of the thistle.

I can’t wait for the cool, crisp temperatures to take over. I can’t wait to be outside more.

I have never needed the serenity of nature like I have this year.

I realize I look a bit “drag” in these photos, but I assure you, I am a woman.
Just for fun, I’m adding in this photo I took at the Fens last year on September 1st.


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