Friday the 13th Full Harvest Moon

The only thing that sounds more magickal and spookier than a full moon on a Friday the 13th…is a full moon on Friday the 13th in October.
But a full Harvest Moon in September is quite enchanting in its own right and it’s no surprise this eerie lunar event made headlines.

My Friday the 13th was another ordinary day. I had to work and go grocery shopping.
My sister and I wanted to find something to do – some place to go to have some kind of interesting evening.
We drove into one of the local cemeteries and took photos. The layout of that particular cemetery wasn’t very picturesque though; I focused on the nearby nature.
We tried another place, but it was closed. After going back home and walking to the neighborhood park to get moon shots, I decided I really needed to do something mystical.

Wildflowers near the cemetery
Friday the 13th’s sunset and full Harvest Moon

It being Friday (AND the magickal 13th) and ruled by the dreamy, intuitive planet of Neptune – another tarot reading seemed the thing to do.
I found this “Friday the 13th” tarot spread online and I spent the rest of my night reading my cards and photographing my results.

“Friday the 13th” Tarot Spread:

1. Black Cat: An event crossing your path or an omen

Daughter of Wands

A free spirit; a truly visionary creature. Waits until later to start a family, as she’s busy with her career. Can be stubborn and much stronger than she looks. Makes a dangerous enemy. This card can also represent a woman going through a transformation or spiritual breakthrough.

2. Walking Under a Ladder: Something you are avoiding in your life

Ten of Cups

Overflowing with positivity. Your goals are being realized. Do not doubt your power.

3. Broken Mirror: Something you aren’t seeing clearly; something confusing

Seven of Pentacles

A period of contemplation and uncertainty. Wondering if everything you have done has been a failure or success.

4. Knock on Wood: Where you are protected; how to protect yourself

The Emperor

Represents the side of you that’s protective, decisive and truly stable. Brings clarity of mind.

5. Cold Hands, Warm Heart: Romantic experiences; how to warm your heart

Ace of Pentacles

You’re in the beginning phases of a prosperous venture. You may find a windfall of wealth headed your way.

6. Find a Penny, Pick It Up: Where you can prosper; financial advice

Daughter of Pentacles

Represents a female that is “behind the scenes”, hardworking and responsible. Shes handles details and logistics well – people depend on her. She has vast amounts of inner strength. She thrives when in nature.

7. Wish Bone: A wish you made that will come true, or a wish to focus on

Five of Pentacles

A card representing hard times of rejection, sadness and extreme worry. This anxiety is counterproductive and damaging. You must find a way to quiet the mind during this difficult time.

8. Thirteen Witches Coven: Your sacred tribe; valuable people in your life


Focus on cooperation and compromise. If you’ve been excessive in one aspect of your life, practice self-restraint and moderation now. You’ll find a new sense of healing and balance from bringing a little harmony back into your life.

9. Thirteen Moons: Magick or a project to pay attention to on Friday the 13th

Son of Cups

Artistic, introspective, secretive, mysterious and intense.

10. Thirteenth Floor: Something to skip; something you don’t need in your life

Father of Cups

Represents a dignified man who supports his family and community. What holds him back are his deeply-rooted insecurities; they are vast and affect his personality in many unpredictable ways.

11. Bad Luck: Something to prepare for going poorly

Mother of Wands

A vibrant woman and happy mother. Family comes first in her world. She is proud and determined, but has enough grace and beauty that others hardly notice her forceful nature. Oftentimes she has overcome great pain or trauma in her life. It’s important not to get on her bad side.

12. Good Luck: Something to prepare for going well


Implies a weight or heaviness surrounding a choice you have to make.

13. Changing Luck: Surprise events; something exciting

Ace of Swords

This card represents truth and mental clarity. It’s as though you can “see everything.” Your mind will become clear and your thoughts precise. It’s a great time to make those decisions you’ve been putting off.

(My overall thoughts/interpretation: Even with as exhausted and “out of it” as I was late last night, my cards once again proved consistent with the messages they’ve been giving me these past five months. Both the Daughter of Wands and Five of Pentacles were the cards I was drawn to and picked out back in May for my Practical Magic display photo. I was no where near able to “quiet my mind” at that time, but I’ve made a lot of progress since then.

Also once again, some placements of the cards don’t always make sense in the spread.
I won’t dwell on the meanings too much, however, I can just create my own interpretations. Ace of Pentacles in my “romantic experiences” is probably saying “Don’t kid yourself about romance and a warm heart, stick to a career.”

The Son of Cups and Father of Cups are repeat cards from my “Therapy Tarot” reading – the latter I felt described my mentally-unstable ex-boyfriend.
In this spread, the card placement pains me, but it is definitely true that I don’t need the kind of treatment and comments he gave me in the end. I don’t need that emotional abuse.

My “bad luck” Mother of Wands is probably my most questionable and puzzling card here. I’ve already gone through so much emotional hurt and trauma, I want to keep them from happening ever again. I can only hope my Justice and Ace of Swords are much more accurate and prominent in this superstition-themed reading.)


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