My Lunch and Afternoon at Grogg’s Green Barn

I’m backtracking a bit for this blog post; the later half of last week was so busy, I didn’t get a chance to do a blog on my prize lunch at Grogg’s Green Barn.

It was last Thursday – a gray, overcast October afternoon-turned-autumn monsoon with yet another heavy rainstorm for the year. But before the downpour hit, I had a nice time out; I really enjoyed my lunch and it was just very relaxed in their little “garden to table” restaurant. I ordered the “Farmer’s Plate”; it was basically a platter of finger foods – ham slices, toasted bread, cooked peaches, pickled okra, sliced pickles and peppers, deviled egg and pimento cheese. I made myself a delicious sweet and spicy ham sandwich with my assortment. I had my mom, my aunt and one of her friends there with me, and after we ate, we went outside to the garden to look around. I finished my photography session just in time; I got my mom and I home before the worst of the storm.
I think my own garden is done for the year; it has taken so much flooding, and it’s at the point where it’s dwindled down to almost no production. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to make pickles like I did last summer, but I appreciate the little harvests I did rake in. My garden gave what it could.
Maybe Oklahoma won’t be such an emotional wreck next spring.
As for now, I’m ready for this darkening and deadening season.


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