Wheel of Fortune for New Year’s

A couple weeks ago I opened a fortuneless fortune cookie.

At first I thought it was probably considered a “bad omen”, but after looking it up online, it’s apparently the opposite.
Getting a fortuneless fortune cookie is supposed to be good luck because you are “owed a fortune” and something good is supposed to happen to you.

Keeping the “Fortune” theme in mind, I did a New Year’s Eve card reading yesterday.
Following a tarot spread from my Wild Unknown guidebook, I switched things up and used my old Madame Endora Fortune Cards instead.
I’m doing this card reading blog differently than usual; typically I give my thoughts and interpretations on all my results. But this time, I don’t want to. I don’t want to speculate, I don’t want to overthink, I just want to let the answers come in time.
There’s a lot of nice messages in this spread, and there’s a couple (seemingly) negative ones in here too. And that’s all I care to know right now.
I’ve been doing better lately and feeling much more positive. The weight in my chest has even lifted and lightened.
Not because of a hollow Chinese cookie, though the surprising folklore did add a touch.
My spiritual faith and connection to witchcraft are growing, and that growth brings more inner peace, relief and strengthening beliefs for me. It’s a sense of magick in the air, and more hope and acceptance in my heart.
I don’t want to talk too much about it at this current time, I just want to keep experiencing this feeling and see what’s going to happen.

Happy New Year.

“Year Ahead” Spread:

1. January

The Stars

The Stars represent a voyage that spans a great distance. They may also indicate a separation or a possible reunion. Your dream will become reality. A journey brings rewards.

2. February

The Raven

The Raven is an omen or warning of ill portent. This dark harbinger is a creature of the shadows and a scavenger among the ruins. Darkness looms on the horizon. Take heed.

3. March

The Gate

The Gate represents an unavoidable obstacle that stands between you and your goal. The Gate may not be opened without the proper key, however, once unlocked, it leads to a desirable place.

4. April

The Harlequin

The Harlequin is an actor whose true feelings are masked in order to gain acceptance. At times the Harlequin is a prankster whose sense of humor and playful acts make him the center of attention. However the Harlequin may also be concealing a sadness derived from loneliness or a broken heart.

5. May

The Oracle

The Oracle is the supreme keeper of knowledge. Seek wisdom and guidance from elders. Consult books, teachers or knowledgeable authorities. The Oracle may also represent a sacrifice made in the quest for wisdom.

6. June

The Green Man

The Green Man is the guardian of the forest, thus he represents a deep reverence for all living things and a love of the outdoors. The forces of nature favor you.

7. July

The Satyr

The Satyr is playful, mischievous and prone to overindulgence. He is a symbol of music, dance, revelry and celebration. The Satyr also represents decadent, lustful and lewd behavior.

8. August

The Sun

The Sun represents a person who is hard working, stable and reliable. Enlightenment leads to discovery. Your perseverance is rewarded. You will gain recognition and acclaim.

9. September

The Talisman

The Talisman is a keepsake or charm that has deep significance or offers protection in spiritual matters. Good fortune shines upon you, and you are destined to succeed in your goal.

10. October

The Moon

The Moon represents illumination, discovery and tranquility. The Moon possesses a mysterious dual nature, for while it is a heavenly beacon, it also has a secretive dark side. You will be guided through darkness.

11. November

The Dragon

The Dragon is the lord of the bestiary and thus represents great strength, wisdom and wealth. The Dragon may also symbolize a dangerous adversary or a worthy challenge.

12. December

The Minstrel

The Minstrel is a poet and musician who sings heartfelt ballads and songs of good cheer. He represents a harmonious union as well as musical and artistic creativity. He professes his thoughts and intentions for all to hear, but has a tendency to have an unrealistic outlook and to wear his heart on his sleeve.

13. Overall Theme of the Year

The Shield

While holding the Shield, your adversaries cannot penetrate your defenses. A thick skin keeps you safe from harm. Emotions are hidden until trust is gained.


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