A Blessed Imbolc

Busy. Busy. Busy.
That’s what I’ve been yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow.

It’s the sabbat of Imbolc – a celebration of reawakening and renewal; hence a good time for early “spring cleaning.”
I spent the late afternoon into most of last night rearranging my furniture and cleaning in my bedroom. I gave it a makeover, and although it’s not the first time I’ve done a complete overhaul of my room, it is probably the first time I’ve ever had so much walking space.
It’s a huge difference.
I don’t have photos to show because I don’t live in a nice, aesthetically-pleasing home, I just do the best I can with the environment I’m in. I don’t ever show an entire room, just small parts that I can give the illusion looks pretty and stylish.
Still, I am proud of my work. I always do have the nicest room in the house, if I do say so myself.
It was almost this evening when I got around to creating my Imbolc altar display and doing my photo shoot. I couldn’t remember where I stored my dried rosemary, basil and bay leaves, and then it finally dawned on me that they were in my “soapmaking drawer.”
So I took some (several) lovely photos of my setup to have a nice gallery blog to post at least.

Tomorrow I am planning on cleaning out my garden and starting to prepare for planting.
I even have some “shade wildflower seeds” I bought today that I want to sow around my daffodils in my little extended garden area.
But right now I am ready for some rest and relaxation, I’m actually starting “Theta brainwave therapy” tonight. I just learned about it this morning and I have to try it. It’s the mind-makeover.

Reawaken and renew! Happy Imbolc!

~Extra Photos~

From last night – the last sunset of January


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