Celestial February: Snow and Sunset from the Heavens

Finally! A real Snow Day.
Today was much more than a “dusting” – roads were declared slick and dangerous, schools were canceled, and I stayed home from work to avoid the mess.
I’ll make it up tomorrow. I was able to able to get some nice winter shots on my walk to the nearby creek and park, and I came across some unexpected sights as well.

I found a couple trees around the park that had ornaments on them, leftover from Christmas; I hadn’t seen these until today. I was surprised to glance over and see a tree with bulbs and trinkets hanging in it, so I had to take a closer look.
There were stars, peace signs, a cardinal, an angel – it was just very sweet and a kind of a special, magickal moment seeing this tree on this snowy white day. Especially with the changes I’m going though.
I saw the second tree after I crossed the bridge leaving the park. It wasn’t adorned with spiritual symbols, but still very pretty to look at and photograph.
I feel like this post is a mix of Yule/Christmas, Spring, and a little Valentine all in one.
‘Tis the season in February!

My garden owl.
I planted wildflower seeds this past weekend and covered the areas with tarp yesterday to prepare for the coming snowstorm.

I keep adding these “afterthought” sunset photos to my blog posts, but I definitely do not think of sunsets as afterthoughts – I love this time of the day. A beautiful way to say goodnight.

I took these shots through the window a couple evenings ago


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