Spring is in the Air: Garden, Projects & Nature Walks

Warmer weather has arrived and I’m glad it’s here.
I’ve got breezy spring weather, breezy spring attire, and breezy blonde hair on the brain.
Just kidding, I don’t really want to be BLONDE-blonde again, I’ve just been in the mood to lighten and freshen up for the new season. Bring out natural highlights and whatnot.
So I’ve started doing chamomile tea rinses and sprays, and maybe by summer I’ll look a tad bit like a sun-kissed goddess.
I don’t know about my moon-white and pink skin though.

I’ve been altering, tweaking, enhancing and working on a lot of things in the last month – from additional little touches to my bedroom, to putting more content on my website pages, to preparing my garden and already doing the majority of my planting.

I’m getting projects done, I’m crossing “to-do’s” off my list.

I had actually said in my “Month for Dreaming” blog that I might write about the Law of Attraction in February, but between daily life, working on my garden and spending hours adding subject matter to my Natural Beauty Recipe pages, that blog idea didn’t happen.
And it’s not meant to yet, I’m still very new with all of this and I know I haven’t completely removed all of my “resistance.”
I’ve still been keeping a very positive mindset, but for these past two or three weeks my heart has been kind of feeling heavy and weighed down again. Yesterday was actually the most (sad) emotional and down I’ve felt since early December, but by the end of the night I was feeling much better. My heart still aches over some things; I still have that lingering pain and anger. My mind still wants to question and to worry and be wary of letting myself trust.
These discouraging thoughts still arise at times, but I’ve been doing pretty damn good.

So, to give you an idea of what’s in store for my garden this year (if all grows well), I have planted onions, seeds of lettuce, carrots, spinach, peppers, peas, Brussels sprouts, and I will probably buy a few tomato plants this week to put in. I still need to get cucumber seeds, and the green beans, which will take over the pea section.
I have also created an extended garden area this time around, for wildflowers, the daffodils, and possibly some roses if I can get my hands on some for free (as in winning some in “Rose Bingo” – a garden center event I learned about from my aunt).
I’ve always wanted tons of flowers, and I’m going to make my patch as enchanting as possible; I bought some butterfly solar lights from Bed, Bath & Beyond with giftcard money, AND the other day I found some cute garden fairy stakes from Dollar Tree.
I can’t wait to have a magickal fairy/butterfly/wildflower garden!

And now we proceed with my latest pictures:

A recent photo of me (from February)
Sunshine coming in – hello, March
Roxanne the chicken
Ready for another year of awkward redneck gardening!
The chime family
My Dollar Tree fairies for my wildflower/butterfly garden
Dollar Tree wildflower seeds I planted several weeks ago
Butterfly solar lights for my wildflower garden

~Today’s late morning nature walk~

~My bedside table~

My Manifestation Journal

~More around my bedroom~

A project I completed last month: adding some of my own photography to a store-bought collage frame and finally getting it on the wall!
My first dreamcatcher I made a few years ago, next to my Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar
Top shelf books, baskets, candles, etc.

Last but not least – I saw this recently in my Facebook memory posts and I thought it would be perfect to share on my blog.
I love these messages and I want to live by these words even more so this spring.
March is the time for blooming, and I’m so ready to bloom in every area of my life.


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