Keeping it Together While the World is Falling Apart: Just Checking In

2020 is sure getting the reputation for being the craziest and “worst year ever” and I can’t deny that it’s not looking good.
I am doing my best to hold onto faith and keep the positivity in me, but there are things going on across the country (and globe) that are so wrong, so immoral and so backwards, it’s impossible to ignore.
It’s all so unbelievable and enraging…we are on the brink of civil war – something that for several years now has looked like a realistic possibility, and we’re at the point it seems inevitable.

I am not going to do a long rant on here about my absolute loathing for the insane Left.
Not at this time anyway; I’ve already done so much ranting and petition-signing on Facebook.

But I am VERY Conservative.
And just like with the military, I am VERY supportive of law enforcement.

I’ve been taking a break from looking at some of my social media platforms, like Instagram, because I can’t stand to see the disgusting, hypocritical propaganda taking over EVERYTHING.
Facebook has been difficult enough, but I also have sensible-minded people on there with me.

Needless to say, I haven’t really been in the mood to write up any blogs or work on my website at all for the last month.
I’m also way behind on reading the blogs I follow, which I will get to, knowing full well I might have to unsubscribe from anyone whose morals and ideology I find in the wrong.

There are some things I’m not going to put up with, and siding with domestic terrorists is one of them.

I don’t want to believe this year is nothing but one horrible event after the other.
I’ve had some of my own little miracles; it hasn’t been all bad for me. I’m trying to keep that faith that there’s good surprises and happy endings around the bend.
Even if right now we can’t see them.

~ Late June Photos ~

Green beans and basil leaves – fresh from the garden
New blooms on the “Sunshine Daydream”
A yellow “Bright Lights” Cosmo

I’m a bit late with showing my 33-year-old self; my birthday was back on May 24th. These photos are from a week ago.

The Zinnias from the seeds I won from Deanna at “Farm Girl Homesteading
Some “Seashell” Cosmos popping up
“Kentucky Colonel” Spearmint
Lemon Verbena
Sweet Basil – how I love the smell
Mr. Moe
Some of the wildflowers
“Sunshine Daydream” again
More yellow Cosmos
Cucumber flowers
I just keep picking these Cherry ones off the vine and eating them.
One of my Brandywine Tomato plants
And hopefully some Bell Peppers this year


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  1. Oh my gosh I’m so jealous of your gardens! 😍 The Zinnias look great by the way! 😉 I can’t seem to get much to grow this year in my veggie garden (combination of cold weather and bad seeds), but it seems like your gardens are thriving! Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. My garden could be doing a lot better though. We haven’t gotten much rain lately and I don’t water as much as I should. The hot weather is getting pretty bad.
      I’ll check out your recent blogs sometime soon, I’ve just been so blah about things, haven’t felt like doing much.


  2. Champagne papi says:

    Idk if you realized but your nips are hanging out in your pics. If that’s on purpose that’s hot lol


    1. I was thinking it was just one picture…But yes I know. I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t notice until after I posted them on my Facebook, but I didn’t care, wasn’t a big deal to me. Two guys on Facebook did message me about it though. But whatever, I still used them in my blog anyway, lol. No one’s gonna be scarred for life by seeing my nipple.


      1. Champagne papi says:

        No it’s not scarring at all if anything you should post more pics like that. If you start a onlyfans or patreon I will be your first subscriber!


      2. I don’t even know what those are, but no I won’t be starting a page dedicated to nipple pics


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