An August In and Out of Focus

And when I say “in and out of focus” I mean mostly “out.”
It’s been a struggle to write for my blog this entire summer.
I’ve kept a considerably-decent emotional state (save for the politically-induced rage), but I’ve also felt a bit low on material to blog about.

I mean, sure, I could be posting my usual updates on my garden, or finding recipes to make and share, or even working on my tarot reading like I should be.
I actually did some tarot and oracle card readings for myself on this past New Moon…but I just didn’t feel like posting the whole spreads/results this time.

Alas, I haven’t been up for much. I’ve retained the same “hopeful, positive mindset and depressed, unmotivated body” combination. Which, by default, gives me opposing levels of enthusiasm.
I enjoy finding and “pinning” inspiration for my goals, but I’m really lacking the energy and discipline to get myself in gear the way I desire to.
I still have not worked on my “Gypsy Corner” site page, and I know it was premature to post the page in the first place, but I honestly just like seeing the title in the menu links. I didn’t think anyone would be looking or waiting for a tarot reading or birth chart anytime soon anyway.
I probably should take the page down for now though.

And my garden?
I’ve kind of let it go to shit and it desperately needs to be weeded.
Also, I haven’t gotten Glenda my scarecrow out like I normally do by now. Before now – I’ve set her up in July the past two years.
It’s just now getting to the time of the year when my garden performs its best production, so I’m not too late or anything if I can get myself to work on these projects. In some early fall-like weather possibly?

Little bouts of motivation and excitement between stretches of lethargy and “wtf 2020?” – that pretty much sums it up! (Hah)

I AM having a lot of fun in the “Conservative Pagans & Witches” group on Facebook that I’ve been active in since late June, I can say that and leave on a bright note.

By the time I post again it will be better news (let’s hope) because the best season is almost upon us!

Wildflowers at “The Fens
The very first card I pulled in my most recent New Moon oracle reading


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