Endings and New Beginnings: Updates, Goodbyes & Resets

I did not post a blog in November – my first time to skip a month since I started writing last year.
I simply could not get myself to do it; I couldn’t get myself to log on to WordPress PERIOD.
So once again I apologize for all the posts I’ve missed from the blogs I follow, I haven’t been a good reader at all lately.
Unfortunately, that’s not going to change, because I don’t plan to stick around on here too much longer.

I never had intentions of delving deep into politics on this website, and I still don’t, but things have gotten to the point where I don’t want to be apart of certain social media platforms anymore with the way they are run and controlled. I have said before that I am very Conservative, and I actually am a very politically-minded person. It just comes with being furiously-opinionated and assertive about my beliefs and values.
But just like with some of my other platforms (i.e. Instagram), this blog and site were more for my creative, aesthetic, personal story-telling purposes. Not for raging about my hate for the Democratic Party, radical Leftists, BLM and Antifa.

Alas, some things can’t be avoided.

I am aware that WordPress, as with most Social Media, “Big Tech” and Mainstream Media outlets, is in league with the Democratic Party and its Leftist Agenda to destroy America as we know it.
The blatantly-rigged presidential election and fraudulent “win” of Joe Biden is a disgrace and betrayal to our country. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump (easily) won and I will never accept Biden as the president. The least popular candidate in history did NOT receive the most votes in history. It’s not possible. It just didn’t happen.
What did happen was a PLANdemic was created and released and over-hyped – hoaxed and coaxed to push for mail-in ballots and voter fraud on the most massive scale. CHEATING.
Trump is the real president; he is the winner. We all know it, and Big Tech is foolish enough to believe that censoring the truth is going to stop a resistance from us Conservatives.
Patriots are going to do what they have to do and rise up against the enemy.
More and more Right Wing/Free Speech platforms are coming out; we’re going to talk and assemble and fight this injustice and tyranny.
Meanwhile, the Leftist Neo Nazis of Facebook and the other Lib-controlled social media platforms are sinking their own ships.

So with that being said, I have made the decision to stop using these sites.
I chose to quit Facebook; I’m looking into Gab as a replacement.
I’m also wanting a good alternative to Instagram; I found Retrica and it’s a possibility.
I really loved Instagram and I’ve wanted to get active on it again, but not when it’s Facebook’s prettier-but-still-liberal-as-hell sister. It’s very important to me because whatever I use as my new “Instagram” account will basically be the continuation of this blog.

I will say that I haven’t had any political issues with WordPress myself (unlike my experience on FASCISTbook), but then again, I don’t typically discuss these things on here; who knows what will happen after this post. I might be a REAL goner; I intended to keep this website and blog up even when I no longer update.
It was actually only a matter of time before I had to end the blog; I knew when I first started it that I couldn’t keep it forever because I can’t keep paying for the plans for more media content. My Premium Plan ends this coming June and as you’ve guessed, I won’t be renewing it.
I can keep this going for another six months if I so choose; however, I don’t know if I will.
If this isn’t my last post, know the blog is definitely winding down. If you never see me post again, then I’ve taken an early leave.

And I am at peace with the farewell, because this blog did exactly what it needed to do for me in the time I needed it to. With the emotions I was going through last year, this was my outlet to get it all out.
This year too, which hasn’t been terrible for me, but did bring a lot of unexpected things, world chaos and unsettled matters (*cough* RIGGED ELECTION! *cough*).
I still had to deal with conflicted feelings, heartache and confusion.
To update you on news of the HVAC man who I last posted about in April – there is no news, because I never heard from him again.
I went from staying positive about it for a few months to becoming so disappointed and angry with him again as more time passed. And there are things that have made me realize how opposite he truly is to the strong-minded, mature, intense, Conservative man I need.
It’s not impossible that he still contacts me sometime, but I’m over his weak mentality and indecisive bullshit. I have a cold resentment for him that is morphing into a dull indifference. I know the kind of man I want and he hasn’t shown himself to be that.
As usual with me and my guy dilemmas, I thought I couldn’t let go of that attachment to him; when in reality I felt the shift in my emotions and I was thinking about him less and less since the summer.

I’m definitely surprising myself with my own thoughts and realizations. Learning and growing from these experiences.
And maybe that is what 2020 was supposed to be for me.
I didn’t do things I thought I was going to do, but I’m okay with it; I needed this time to gain more perspective .
I really do feel ready to leave a lot behind, reset and start anew.

This may or may not be my official ‘goodbye’, but I wish the best for you all and a Happy New Year. Thanks for reading.

– Jacquelyn

~October, November & December Galleries~

My dad’s house – more extravagant than ever
Another year of fall foliage at the cemetery – Halloween 2020
November park trips with Bandit
A much-needed walk around riverside and the Tulsa “Gathering Place – November 14th
It was such a beautiful day
A Tulsa riverside sunset
Mantel decorating at my dad’s
The first sunset of December
The sights at Southwood Nursery
A mid-December Snow Day!
I was also busy that weekend working on Yule/Christmas cards to send out – a first for me.
My dad’s neighborhood actually held a Christmas decorating contest this year – and he won 1st Place!


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