about ~forgotten wildflowers~

About ~Forgotten Wildflowers~




past participle of forget.

synonyms: unremembered, out of mind, gone clean out of someone’s mind, past recollection, beyond/past recall, consigned to oblivion, obliterated, blotted out, buried, left behind, bygone, past, gone, lost, irrecoverable, irretrievable; neglected, overlooked, ignored, disregarded, unappreciated, unrecognized, of no interest

I named this website “Forgotten Wildflowers” for all of the words you see above; they express both the “olden day” country pagan theme of my site, and also my own personal pain in my life.

I long for the times of simple pleasures and the poetic beauty of nature. I am at home with the rustic, the earthy, and the enchanting. I have the spirit of a wild folk woman and the love of a homemaker, and I have dedicated this creation in honor of traditional and sacred femininity – for the wife, the mother, and the powerful female with the most important work in the world. This is my intangible dream and it is extremely difficult trying to accept that I will never be a wife or mother myself. 

“Forgotten Wildflowers” are the women like me – the misunderstood, the misjudged, the disregarded, and the ignored. This site is my heart and my soul, and I am pouring them out the only way I know how – to write. This is my story, my emotional journey, and a spark of hope for some kind of happiness. 

Thank you for seeing me.


(To learn more about why I started my website and blog, you can read my Introduction post here.)

About Me

~Website Creator, Writer, Photographer, Witch~

My name is Jacquelyn, I’m in my early 30’s, living in northeastern Oklahoma. I love to be in nature and my garden, working on my photography, creating beauty, decorating, styling and designing, cooking, baking, making crafts, singing, and overall aspiring to be a (blogging) domestic goddess.

I’m a witchy “old soul” that prefers the company of animals over most people, but I’m also a huge analyst of psychology – the human psyche, emotions and mental health. I watch true crime shows and read up on behavioral profiling. I have a fetish for the dark, creepy, and mysterious. I love adventurous quests and scavenger hunts, walking and hiking trails, and scenic road trips. 

If you’d like to ask a question about me or my site, feel free to use my Contact page.

Thanks again for visiting ~Forgotten Wildflowers~