A Green Woman Salad for Beltane

So the plan was to post this blog yesterday, but my first day of May was extremely busy. I was up until almost midnight just accomplishing getting my photos in the draft and I had to call it quits and go to bed. Not that it matters, this isn’t a “holiday deadline recipe” or anything,…

April Flowers and Full Moon Panic Attacks

So far April has been just a continuation of the March madness – intensified a bit, in both “safety measures” and with my anxiety.Our “orders” here in Tulsa are still pretty much the same, which remain fairly loose, but stores have increased their social distancing precautions and procedures.As in setting up designated entry ways and…

Working Through Strange Times: Emotions, Uncertainties & Life Goals

The Coronavirus. Everyone is talking about it. It’s the favorite topic of news and social media, and the panicked motivation behind the toilet paper craze. A pandemic that has “taken over the world” in every sense of the phrase. We’ve seen a dumbfounding amount of ridiculous behavior resulting from this “unprecedented event”, and it’s been…

Spring is in the Air: Garden, Projects & Nature Walks

Warmer weather has arrived and I’m glad it’s here.
I’ve got breezy spring weather, breezy spring attire, and breezy blonde hair on the brain.
Just kidding, I don’t really want to be BLONDE-blonde again, I’ve just been in the mood to lighten and freshen up for the new season. Bring out natural highlights and whatnot.
So I’ve started doing chamomile tea rinses and sprays, and maybe by summer I’ll look a tad bit like a sun-kissed goddess.