April Flowers and Full Moon Panic Attacks

So far April has been just a continuation of the March madness – intensified a bit, in both “safety measures” and with my anxiety.Our “orders” here in Tulsa are still pretty much the same, which remain fairly loose, but stores have increased their social distancing precautions and procedures.As in setting up designated entry ways and…

Spring is in the Air: Garden, Projects & Nature Walks

Warmer weather has arrived and I’m glad it’s here.
I’ve got breezy spring weather, breezy spring attire, and breezy blonde hair on the brain.
Just kidding, I don’t really want to be BLONDE-blonde again, I’ve just been in the mood to lighten and freshen up for the new season. Bring out natural highlights and whatnot.
So I’ve started doing chamomile tea rinses and sprays, and maybe by summer I’ll look a tad bit like a sun-kissed goddess.

Celestial February: Snow and Sunset from the Heavens

Finally! A real Snow Day. Today was much more than a “dusting” – roads were declared slick and dangerous, schools were canceled, and I stayed home from work to avoid the mess. I’ll make it up tomorrow. I was able to able to get some nice winter shots on my walk to the nearby creek…

The Month for Dreaming

“January is the month for dreaming.” – Jean Hersey I came across this quote a couple years ago and thought it really fit. I’ve been “dreaming” all this month, as I usually do in January, but it’s especially significant and the focus this year. This is the most positive, most hopeful mindset I’ve been in…

November Sights, Thoughts and Weird Feelings

One of the most terrifying things about life is how fast time flies.  It’s scary to think about how it feels like 2019 just recently got here and we’re already at the tail end of November.It scares me even more knowing that every year seems to go by quicker and quicker, and every late December…

My Lunch and Afternoon at Grogg’s Green Barn

I’m backtracking a bit for this blog post; the later half of last week was so busy, I didn’t get a chance to do a blog on my prize lunch at Grogg’s Green Barn. It was last Thursday – a gray, overcast October afternoon-turned-autumn monsoon with yet another heavy rainstorm for the year. But before the downpour hit, I had a nice time out; I really enjoyed my lunch