Unmasking the Harlequin

Something happened last Tuesday. A week ago today and also exactly a week after my full moon anxiety attack. The man I’ve been talking about in my blogs since this past November finally contacted me. It was just past 9:30 that night of the 14th when I heard the text notification sound on my phone…

Working Through Strange Times: Emotions, Uncertainties & Life Goals

The Coronavirus. Everyone is talking about it. It’s the favorite topic of news and social media, and the panicked motivation behind the toilet paper craze. A pandemic that has “taken over the world” in every sense of the phrase. We’ve seen a dumbfounding amount of ridiculous behavior resulting from this “unprecedented event”, and it’s been…

Another Heartbreak for the End of the Year

I don’t even know how to start this post.  I don’t want to start it, for one thing. With what has happened in the past few weeks, I have lost the desire to write rather than being compelled to it.  It’s a matter of having so much to say and so little emotional strength left…

November Sights, Thoughts and Weird Feelings

One of the most terrifying things about life is how fast time flies.  It’s scary to think about how it feels like 2019 just recently got here and we’re already at the tail end of November.It scares me even more knowing that every year seems to go by quicker and quicker, and every late December…

Full Moon Oracle, More Synchronicities & A Word About Intuition

Another 13th. Another full moon. Another card reading. If I’m starting to sound like a broken record, I apologize. There are things in this post I did not want to ramble on about again either. I’m downing some caffeine and forcing myself to write up this blog. I am so out of it. I feel…

The 13th: A Peaceful, Magickal Day for the Gaia Oracle

My first three readings with the beautiful “Gaia Oracle” by Toni Carmine Salerno. Gaia Oracle “Four Card Spread”: 1. Past (Past influences of the situation) Eternal Love A new page turned in your life and gave you a period of happiness, harmony, and fulfillment. You felt free of the worry and doubt that had cast…

Attempting “Therapy Tarot”

For the last day of July, I’m closing out with more mystic “food for thought.”   I came across this tarot spread idea on Facebook a couple months ago and considered trying it out. I’m very sporadic with using my cards, and yesterday I finally got myself to do it. It’s me we’re talking about, so…

The Mystery (and Madness) of Synchronicity

I had said in the beginning that I wasn’t planning on writing more of these long, drawn-out posts about a specific man.  However, continued unexplainable occurrences have led me to it, and I felt compelled to share what I’ve been experiencing over the past few months.  This blog has to do with the topic of…

The Name of My Affliction

It was something I was used to doing every year – visiting my grandparents’ grave. It’s been an annual family tradition of ours to each year visit the veterans’ cemetery and have a picnic lunch afterwards. The “afterwards” has always been my favorite part, because, although I never wanted to seem disrespectful or uncaring, I…

A Little Witch in All of Us: The Sisters of Practical Magic

“Sometimes I feel like there’s a hole inside of me, an emptiness that at times seems to burn. I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the ocean. And the moon tonight, there’s a circle around it. A sign of trouble not far behind. I have this dream of being whole. Of not going to sleep each night, wanting. But still, sometimes, when the wind is warm or the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for. I just want someone to love me. I want to be seen. I don’t know…maybe I had my happiness. I don’t want to believe it, but, there is no man, Gilly. Only that moon.”

My Poetry: “Midsummer”

On Midsummer Day
My heart gave way
And buckled under once more
It began to rain
From my gloomy eyes
As it did so the night before
Silently I worked and wept
And made it through the Midsummer morn
Inside, the clouds were darkening still
Like those in a May spring storm