a witch’s herbal


Magickal Properties of Plants, Trees & Herbs

Adam and Eve Roots: love and marriage

Alder: possesses oracle properties

Angelica: protection, exorcism, blessings. Carry the root as an amulet and burn the dried leaves in exorcism or banishment rituals. Also called “Masterwort”.

Anise: protection and purification. For a cleansing bath, usen a handful of anise seeds and a few bay leaves. Sleep on a pillow filled with anise seeds to banish nightmares.

Apple: love, healing and prosperity. Use the blossoms in love and healing incenses. Called the “Tree of Love”.

Asafoetida: exorcism, banishment and cleansing. Burned to drive away evil and disease. Wear to ward off illness.

Ash: divination. Place leaves beneath pillow to induce prophetic dreaming. The branch is used for the handle of the Witch’s broomstick.

Basil: love, protection and prosperity. Use in prosperity and love sachets to attract wealth and romance. 

Bay: purification, healing and clairvoyance. Burn leaves to induce visions. Add to purification baths. 

Beech: ancient knowledge

Belladonna: used by Witches to deaden pain during the Persecution and Burning Times. It is a common ingredient in flying ointments. It can be used as a sedative, but only in small amounts, as it is Very Poisonous.

Betony: purification. Burn in Midsummer fires and jump through the cleansing smoke.

Birch: linking to the spirit realm. The twigs are used for the sweep of the Witch’s broom. 

Bistort: clairvoyance. Add to divinatory incenses with Frankincense. Also called “Dragonwort”.

Bittersweet: protection and healing

Bladderwrack: healing and protection when traveling at sea

Bleeding Heart: love

Bloodroot: love, protection and purification. Poisonous parts

Bluebell: luck and truth

Boneset: protection and exorcism

Broom: protection and purification. Use the plant to sweep the surrounding area when working magick outside. Hang a bit of the herb in your home for protection. Use to raise and calm winds. Raise them by throwing the herb into the air from a high point, such as a mountain top. Calm them by burning the herb.  

Bryony: protection and prosperity. Used in place of the rare Mandrake root. The root is also set on a piece of money to make one’s riches grow. Also called “Woodvine”. Poisonous parts.

Buckthorn: protection and exorcism

Burdock: purification and protection. Hang in home to ward off negativity. Wear a necklace made of dried burdock roots as protection against others’ magick.

Cactus: protection. Grow in the garden and inside the home as a safeguard against unwanted intrusions. Fill a jar with cactus spines, rusty nails, old tacks, pins and needles. Add rue and rosemary leaves to fill the jar, seal tightly, and bury under doorstep as a powerful protective device.

Camphor: use to ward off unwanted attention. Wear in a small pouch around the neck. 

Caraway: carry the seeds to strengthen the memory

Carnation: protection and energy. Once worn by Witches to prevent untimely death on the scaffold. Used in power incenses and placed on the altar to produce added energy.

Catnip: love and energy. Use the herb in love sachets and incenses. Given to familiars. 

Chamomile: burn and add to incenses to induce sleep and relaxing states for meditation

Cinnamon: love, energy and passion. Burn to raise very high spiritual vibrations. 

Cinquefoil: protection, prosperity and healing. An all-purpose magickal herb. Also called “Five Fingers”.

Clove: worn to drive away negative forces and to attract the opposite sex

Clover: luck and prosperity. Also called “Three-Leaved Grass”.

Comfrey: healing and protection while traveling

Coriander: seeds are used in love sachets and charms

Devil’s Bit: protection and exorcism

Dill: communication, invention and creative thinking. Also called “Dillweed”.

Dragon’s Blood: energy, purification, protection and banishment. Use in cleansing and banishing rituals. 

Elder: fairy doorways and wisdom

Elm: wisdom, knowledge

Eucalyptus: healing and cleansing. Stuff pillows with the leaves. Burn together with light blue candles for healing vibrations. Hang a branch over a sickbed.

Eyebright: clairvoyance. Brew the herb and anoint the eyelids to induce clairvoyant visions. Vision may become dim

Fennel: protection, healing and purification

Fern: protection. Grow in shady areas of the garden and in the house. The unexpanded fronds of the male fern are dried over a Midsummer fire and kept for protection.

Frankincense: protection, purification, consecration and exorcism. Burn to raise vibrations, purify, consecrate, protect and exorcise. Use in charm bags and sachets. 

Gardenia: love and friendship. Wear the flowers to attract love and new friends. Crush the dry petals and mix with ground orris root and lightly dust the body to attract the opposite sex. 

Garlic: protection and exorcism. Carry with you for protection. Add to all protective sachets. Hang a rope of garlic in the kitchen.

Geranium: love and healing. Wear the flowers or add them to love sachets. 

Ginger: healing. Place in a pouch and wear as a healing talisman. 

Hawthorn: protection and banishing evil. Also called “Thorn”.

Hazel: protection and divination. Gather at night on Samhain. Use as divining rods.

Heather: burn with fern to attract rain

Heliotrope: exorcism. Burn in incenses during exorcism rituals.

Hellebore: was used in incenses by mischievous sorcerers and magicians to turn a setting violent and unruly. It was also used in flying ointments. The root of black hellebore, when powdered and scattered on the ground, was thought to make one invisible. It was also used in exorcisms and countermagick. A Poisonous herb.

Hemlock: used in flying ointments. Virulently Poisonous.

Hemp: the old Witches’ name for marijuana. It was used in many spells, rituals, and recipes of love and divination. Once administered in love potions. An addictive herb

Henbane: said to call up evil entities. Also used to attract the love of a woman. A Poisonous herb.

Holly: protection. Plant outside the home. Magickally married to Ivy.

Honeysuckle: luck and prosperity. Add to prosperity sachets.

Horehound: protection and healing

Hyssop: purification and protection. Add to purification bath sachets, protection sachets and incenses.

Iris: love

Ivy: protection and bindings. A guardian when growing on the walls of the home. Magickally married to Holly. The two are often given to newlyweds. 

Jasmine: love, beauty, seduction and prosperity. Use in summer love spells and sachets.

Juniper: love, health and protection. Wear a sprig of juniper to ward off danger. String the matured berries for an attraction charm.

Knotweed: bindings and health

Lady’s Mantle: love and transformation

Lavender: love, beauty, healing and relaxation. Add to healing bath mixtures and incenses to cause sleep. Use in beauty spells to attract men.

Lemongrass: protection. Repels snakes.

Lemon Verbena: love and purification

Liverwort: protection

Lotus: lock-opening

Lovage: love. Add to bath with seven rosebuds to become more attractive to the opposite sex. Carry as a love attractor. 

Maidenhair: love and beauty

Mandrake: protection, fertility and healing. Attach the herb to part of the body in need of healing. Mandrake root is extremely rare, and if unable to be found, can be replaced with bryony or ash. Poisonous parts.

Marigold: love, energy and renewal. Gather at noon. Add to love sachets to attract marriage. Also called “Summer’s Bride”.

Marjoram: love and happiness

Meadowsweet: place fresh meadowsweet on the altar when mixing up love charms and sachets

Mistletoe: love, protection and harmony. Wear as a protective amulet or hang to bring harmony into the household. 

Mugwort: pick on a full moon. Stuff a dream pillow when seeking answers or solutions to problems. 

Myrrh: protection and purification. Burn the resin to purify and protect. The smoke is used to consecrate and bless objects. 

Myrtle: love

Nettle: protection and countermagick. Stuff a small cloth doll or poppet with nettles to remove a curse and return it back to the sender and bury or burn the doll. Sprinkle nettle around a room to protect or add to protection sachets.

Nutmeg: clairvoyance and wisdom. Carry to strengthen clairvoyant powers.

Oak: possesses oracle properties. Most sacred of all the trees.

Olive: peace and harmony

Onion: protection, purification, healing and exorcism. Place halved onions in the home to absorb illnesses and disease. Throw away in the morning without touching them. Rub onion halves on the afflicted parts of the body.

Orchid: love

Orris Root: love. Carry the root to find a loved one. Add powdered orris root to love sachets and baths with lavender and rosebuds. Also called “Love Root”. (It is the root of the Iris flower.)

Pansy: love. Carry to attract love. Also called “Heart’s Ease”.

Patchouli: love, passion and seduction. Wear to attract the opposite sex.

Pennyroyal: protection and exorcism. Put in shoe to prevent weariness. Add to protection and exorcism blends.

Peony: dry the root and make into a necklace or bracelet to wear for protection. Burn the seeds  during exorcism rituals. Hang up the root or burn it to stop storms.

Peppermint: cleansing, healing and purification. Add to healing incenses and charms. Rub over the afflicted area of the body. Burn in winter to cleanse the home.

Periwinkle: love and uniting people together. Also called “Sorcerer’s Violet”.

Pimpernel: protects the home and guards against illness.

Pine: purification and fertility 

Poppy: prosperity. Use the seeds in prosperity amulets and sachets. Also called the “Flower of Gold”.

Rose: love and beauty. Use the petals in all love sachets and charms. Bathe in rosewater to attract love. 

Rosemary: purification, protection and aiding memory. Add to purification bath sachets and protection incenses. Carry when traveling at sea. Wear to aid the memory.

Rowan: good fortune, protection and healing. Tie two twigs of rowan together with red thread for a good all-purpose charm. Carry the wood for luck. Wear a necklace made of the berries for healing. 

Rue: protection, exorcism and purification. Dip a fresh sprig of rue into spring water for consecrations, blessings and healings. Use the herb to protect against others’ magick. Used for the Cimaruta charm.

Saffron: purification, clairvoyance and healing. Make a tea and use to cleanse the hands before healing rituals. Use to raise winds by burning and watching the smoke rise into the air. 

Sage: healing, cleansing and enlightenment. Add to healing and purification incenses.

Sagebrush: cleansing and exorcism

Sandalwood: purification, healing and relaxation. Add to healing incenses and burn as a good purifying agent in any room.

Scullcap: love and peace

Snakeroot: luck, prosperity and wealth

Snapdragon: protection and countermagick. Use to avert others’ evil magick by adding to incenses. 

Solomon’s Seal: cleansing and consecration. Burn the dried herb and pass ritual items through the smoke. 

Spiderwort: love

St. John’s Wort: protection, strength and exorcism. Burn to banish and exorcise spirits. Pass the herb through the smoke of the Midsummer Eve’s fire and hang up in the home for protection. Wear the herb to strengthen your own will.

Sycamore: nurturing and comfort. Place branches near sleeping children. 

Thistle: protection and healing. Grow in the garden to ward off thieves. Place in sickrooms to strengthen and heal those within it.

Thyme: clairvoyance and purification. Burn as incense to cleanse the home. Stuff in pillows to cure nightmares.

Toadflax: protection and hex-breaking

Turnip: protection

Vanilla: love, passion, energy and vitality. Use in love charms or wear on the body for an attractive scent. Also called “Blackroot”.

Vervain: relaxation and meditation. Make a vervain tea to induce sleep or a state of relaxation. A fairy herb. Also called “Herb of Enchantment” or “Enchanter’s Plant”.

Violet: love. Mix with lavender for a powerful love sachet. 

Walnut: wisdom and knowledge

Willow: purification and healing. The strips are used for the binding on the Witch’s broom. 

Witch Hazel: protection

Wolfsbane: protection and invisibility. Also called “Monkshood” and “Aconite”. Poisonous parts.

Woodruff: carry in the spring when looking to make a change or new beginning in life

Wormwood: burn on Samhain to raise spirits of the dead

Yarrow: love and warding off negativity

Yew: death and rebirth, raising the dead. Poisonous parts.

“The Flying Ointment”

A combination of the major baneful herbs – shredded, powdered, and steeped in fat. The ointment was rubbed onto the body, turning it red. The Witch would then lay down, beside the hearth or fireplace to keep warm, and “fly” through the air to meet with other witches to perform spells and magickal rituals. They were able to do this through astral projection – their physical bodies laying inert while their full consciousness traveled at will.

Magickally-Themed Gardens

Garden of Love: rose, violet, lavender, periwinkle, yarrow, and basil

Healing Garden: lavender, peppermint, sage, thistle, garlic, and onion

All-Purpose Garden: rosemary, lavender, vervain, mugwort, rue, and basil