day & color correspondences


Days of the Week Correspondence


Planet(s): The Sun

Color: Yellow or Gold

Spells and Rituals: purification, strength, victory, power, exorcisms, cleansings, blessings, protection, healing


Planet(s): The Moon

Color: White or Silver

Spells and Rituals: transformations, discovering secrets, moon magick, feminine power


Planet(s): Mars and Pluto

Color: Red

Spells and Rituals: energy, passion, victory in competition, courage, confidence, power to obtain desires


Planet(s): Mercury and Uranus

Color: Yellow

Spells and Rituals: communication, knowledge, mindwork, new ideas, travel, memory


Planet(s): Jupiter

Color: Orange

Spells and Rituals: luck, prosperity, employment, legal matters, freedom, positive thinking, truth, justice


Planet(s): Venus and Neptune

Color: Blue or Pink

Spells and Rituals: love, beauty, seduction, psychic powers, intuition, healing emotions, spirit communication


Planet(s): Saturn

Color: Black

Spells and Rituals: bindings, restrictions, breaking habits and addictions

Times of the Day Correspondence

Sunrise: purification, study, travel, mental healing, wisdom

Noon: energy, physical strength, courage, victory, solar power

Sunset: banishment, protection, breaking habits

Night: love, beauty, sleep, peace, physical healing, purification, psychic awareness, lunar power

Color Symbolism

Green: luck, prosperity, wealth, fertility

Red: passion, aggression, conflict

White: cleansing, healing, purification

Yellow: communication, initiative, knowledge

Blue: peace, loyalty, truth (Dark Blue represents sadness and depression)

Pink: love, beauty, friendship

Orange: optimism, creativity

Purple: psychic powers

Brown: prosperity

Black: restriction, loss, separation, release

Silver: lunar energies

Gold: solar energies

Color Correspondence For Spells
(White is all-purpose for candles)

Love Spells: Pink, Red, White

Beauty Spells: Light Pink, Light Blue, White

Healing and Cleansing Spells: White, Light Blue

Banishing and Protection Spells: Black, White, Red

Prosperity Spells: Green, Brown, White

Psychic Power Spells: Purple, White, Light Blue