magickal guidelines


The Three-Fold Law

The law that addresses a magickal principle in which energy creates a cause-and-effect relationship. This energy reaction affects us on three levels: the mind, the body, and the spirit. In other words, whatever energy one sends out returns to them three-fold, or three times that amount.

The Magickal Formula

For creating spells and other works of magick.

1. Proper timing (moon phase, season, day of the week, etc.)

2. Ingredients that correspond to the nature of the spell

3. A source of energy to empower the spell

4. A focal point or connection with the target of the spell (images, pictures, lock of hair, article of clothing, etc.)

5. The mechanism (words, gestures, symbols, etc.)

6. Direction or channeling of energy

7. Release (to send off the energy)

8. Results (if the spell does not work, it was not performed properly according to the formula, or a greater power is resisting the spell)

“The Witches’ Craft” by Raven Grimassi