moon phases for magick


Abundance: Waxing and Full

Addictions (to end): Waning

Bad Habits (to break): Waning

Bad Luck (to reverse): Waning

Beauty and Health: Waxing to Full

Bindings: Waning

Blessings: Full

Career Advancement: Waxing

Communication: Full

Curses, Hexes (to break): Waning

Divination: Waxing and Full

Energy Raising: Waxing

Exorcisms: Waning

Fear (overcoming): Waning

Fertility Rituals: Waxing and Full

Forgiveness: New

Friendship: Waxing

Garden Planting Spells: Waxing

Goals (attainment of): Waxing to Full

Good Luck: Waxing

Growth (of any kind): Waxing

Harmony: Waxing

Happiness: Waxing and Full

Healings (to increase health): Waxing

House Blessings: Full

Inspiration: Waxing and Full

Intuition: Full

Love Spells: Waxing and Full

Money Matters (to increase wealth): Waxing

Negativity (to banish): Waning

Nightmares (to banish): Waning

Obtaining (things and goals): Waxing and Full

Power (to increase): Waxing and Full

Protection: Waxing and Full

Psychic Powers (developing and strengthening): Waxing and Full

Shapeshifting: Full

Strength: Waxing and Full

Transformations: Full

Travel: Waxing

Weatherworkings (to bring forth): Waxing

Weatherworkings (to quell): Waning

Wisdom (to increase): Waxing