the planets

Correspondence of the Planets


The Sun

Color: Yellow or Gold

Day: Sunday

Astrological Sign(s): Leo

Magickal Powers: purification, strength, victory, vitality, healing

The Moon

Color: White or Silver

Day: Monday

Astrological Sign(s): Cancer

Magickal Powers: emotions, hidden forces, transformation


Color: Yellow or Gray

Day: Wednesday

Astrological Sign(s): Gemini and Virgo

Magickal Powers: communication, intelligence


Color: Pink or Green

Day: Friday

Astrological Sign(s): Taurus and Libra

Magickal Powers: love, beauty, seduction, relationships, pleasure


Color: Red

Day: Tuesday

Astrological Sign(s): Aries

Magickal Powers: passion, energy, competition


Color: Orange

Day: Thursday

Astrological Sign(s): Sagittarius

Magickal Powers: optimism, luck, good fortune, justice, freedom


Color: Black

Day: Saturday

Astrological Sign(s): Capricorn

Magickal Powers: bindings, discipline, limitation


Color: Yellow or Blue

Day: Wednesday

Astrological Sign(s): Aquarius

Magickal Powers: new ideas, invention


Color: Blue or Purple

Day: Friday

Astrological Sign(s): Pisces

Magickal Powers: intuition, dreams, psychic powers


Color: Black or Red

Day: Tuesday

Astrological Sign(s): Scorpio

Magickal Powers: death, birth, regeneration