the thirteen moons: the witches’ esbats



The Wolf Moon

As the wild winter howls, appreciate the warmth of home and family. It is a time for silence and planning the changes to be made in the spring


The Snow Moon (Also known as the Storm Moon)

The time to begin your spring cleaning. Burn white candles and purifying incense, sweep out the cobwebs, and prepare for the new growth of spring


The Chaste Moon (Also known as the Worm Moon)

The moon of the Maiden. Gather the seeds of inspiration and imagine what they can grow into. Build an altar to honor the Moon and bless your garden in the moonlight. Prepare the earth for planting and yourself for change.


The Seed Moon (Also known as the Pink Moon)

The time to plant your seeds of magick. Fill your home with light and flowers, create colorful eggs, and sing and dance in the rain.


The Flower Moon (Also known as the Hare Moon)

The time to celebrate life and free your wild nature. Dance and make love by the light of a bonfire or the full moon.


The Dyad Moon (Also known as the Strawberry Moon)

The Midsummer moon. The time to honor the beauty of Nature. Create an altar of flowers and other natural objects and leave as offerings for the Faery Folk.


The Mead Moon

The time to bask in the warmth of summer as the sun slowly weakens and loses power. Take a moonlit walk by the sea to gather seashells and make an ocean amulet necklace for someone you love.


The Corn Moon

The time to harvest the gifts you have nurtured and give to those who are in need. Collect and store fresh herbs for the coming winter. Bake special breads to share with family and friends and to offer the earth.


The Harvest Moon

The time to celebrate the vine and the grape harvest. Drink a toast to the earth’s abundance and to the waxing power of the Moon, as the dark end of the year begins to settle in.


The Hunter’s Moon

At this moon, the veil is very thin. Make an altar to honor ancestors and the spirits of the dead walking the earth. Carve pumpkins and place candles within to light their way. 


The Frost Moon

Winter’s cold descends and outward growth has slowed. This is a time for inner growth. Learn a new craft or skill, or develop your psychic talents. 


The Cold Moon (Also known as the Oak Moon)

The time of the Sun’s return approaches and the Moon awaits her lover. Make wreaths of holly and ivy to symbolize their sacred marriage, and create sun, moon and star ornaments to hang on the Yule tree.

The Blue Moon

The second full moon that falls in a single month.