tools of the craft


The Wand

The Wand symbolizes the element of Air and the ancient sacred tree. The tree, with its roots extended deep into the UnderWorld and its branches reaching up towards the heavens, serves as a bridge connecting both of these realms to the earth. The Wand also represents the full extension of one’s personal power and should measure from the inside of the elbow to the tip of your middle finger. The Staff should measure the height of the individual plus the length of his or her wand.

The Chalice

The Chalice, or ritual cup, symbolizes the element of Water and is used to hold the ritual wine. The wine represents the blood of the moon and therefore the chalice is silver.

The Pentacle

The Pentacle represents Earth as the foundation and the source of life. It symbolizes the four elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water held together in harmony by Spirit. For rituals and spells, objects are placed or transported on the pentacle plate.

The Ritual Blade

The ritual blade, or athame, is a tool of transformation, and because it was forged in flames, represents the element of Fire. It is used to trace out ritual circles, evoke the guardians of the Four Quarters, and in initiation ceremonies. The athame is traditionally a black-handled knife.

The Cauldron

The cauldron symbolizes the magickal womb and the generative force within Nature. It is a vessel of creation and transformation. During rituals, objects and ingredients are placed into the cauldron according to the purpose and instructions of the spell.

The Witch’s Broom

The Witch’s Broom, or besom, is used to sweep the ritual setting for purification. It can also be laid across the entrance to a ritual circle as a protective barrier. Comprising of three different parts – the handle made of Ash, the sweep made of Birch, and the binding lash made of Willow – the broomstick is a triad symbol and announces to all spirits that the Witch has power over night, shadow, and darkness. Banishment is performed by sweeping toward the circle’s portal entrance or thrashing the air to chase out the unwanted spirits.

The Witch’s Ring

As a symbol, the Witch’s Ring identifies the wear as a practitioner of the Old Ways and declares one as a user of magick. The ring also serves as a connection to the metaphysical concepts and occult forces the Witch uses in spellwork.